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Datca-Aktur Holiday-Centre is situated in a jealously conserved pine forest with the limpid sea before and the reddish mountains behind.



Datca - Aktur



Aktur has three times been awarded  the European Blue Flag (last 1999). The Blue Flag is an environmental award, given to communities that make special effort to keep their beaches and marinas clean and manage them with consideration for the local environment.


Aktur  is 30 km away from Datca-Centre.
Regular mini bus services are available.


DATCA keeps the blue flag flying

For the third time running the "Blue Flag Award" has been given to the Aktur resort area in Datça where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet. Datça, a town in Mugla province can rightly be called a "tourism paradise". This area which has received this prize for the third time is where many leading politicians, cinema stars and high-level bureaucrats have their vacations.

The flag, sent by the Foundation for European Environmental Education (FEEE) was hoisted in a ceremony attended by the residents of the resort area. The chairman of the Aktur Co. Administrative Board, retired Lieutenant-General Serafettin Ugur, stated that the development had won the award by implementing the criteria set down, adding they were proud of winning the blue flag. He noted that this had already increased the number of tourists coming to Datça. He also stressed that in the large Aktur housing area comprising 1300 homes, everyone was doing their share to keep the blue flag flying over the beach.

Not sparing any effort to win the FEEE Blue Flag, the people of Datça are trying to keep their beaches clean by providing a trash bin for every kind of garbage. Now that they have acquired the blue flag for the third time, they are putting up posters which provide information about caring for the environment, especially in connection with complying with environmental plans for local beaches and coastal areas. The local people are keeping their beaches clean, not allowing vehicles onto the beaches, and are having roads built for the handicapped. Depositing or spreading petroleum waste or other pollutants is strictly forbidden.

Source: byegm.gov.tr





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