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by Serif Yenen (Preface), Sinan  Torunoglu (Illustrator)


Turkish Odyssey
A Traveler's Guide to Turkey
and Turkish Culture




Turkish Odyssey
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Turkish Odyssey: A Traveler's  Guide to Turkey and Turkish Culture makes a fine complement to traditional  guidebooks. Turn to Frommers, Let's Go, or Lonely Planet for restaurant and  hotel suggestions, but revel in Turkish Odyssey's encyclopedic collection  of all things Turkish. Descriptions of weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies give readers a quick primer on the customs and rhythms of everyday life. The  first half of the book is composed of sections on religion, culture, state policies, history, and geography; the remaining 250-plus pages focus on places of interest: Istanbul and the Marmara region, the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and central Anatolia. Hundreds of beautiful color photographs are  lavished throughout the book, mixing scenes of quiet village life with the  portraits of mosques, monuments, and natural wonders found in most guidebooks,  including several re-creations of ancient sites to show what they may have looked like in their day. Unashamedly patriotic, this book is a native son's effort to correct oversights in Western guidebooks, and to tell the reader as  much as he can about his homeland. Turkish Odyssey is a must for any traveler wanting to understand the Turks and their ancient land. --Jhana  Bach

Midwest Book Review, February 1999

Here's a unique guide: a tourist's handbook to Turkey written by a Turk and  packed with over 300 color photos, illustrations and maps. The focus here is  upon Turkey's society and culture, from daily life and rituals to festivals and  beliefs. While this will excite any destination-bound tourist, many an armchair readers will benefit from the in- depth information to Turkish culture. Use this  to supplement the more usual guides to accommodations and restaurants: this has  much more.

Paula M. Strain, International Travel News, January 1999 p.131

The desirability of Turkey as a travel destination for English-speaking travelers has resulted in almost a dozen guidebooks to Turkey in print. All tell  the would-be traveler how to get there, where to eat and to stay and what to see, plus additional and usually condensed background information. All of them  have two drawbacks: not one of them is written by a Turk; all are by Americans, Australians, Brits, etc. Not one tells the traveler what makes Turkey and the Turks so...

Skylife Magazine, 11/97
Serif Yenen has worked as a tourist guide for many years. His Turkish Odyssey is an invaluable work in English about the history, culture, geography, customs and daily life of this  ancient land. Thousands of years after that first long journey was recorded by  Homer, this book is a fresh look at the setting of that epic story.

Yenen has learnt by experience what most interests foreign visitors to  Turkey, and presents a comprehensive map of Turkish culture.

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